mixed medium

15' x 20' x 20', more or less

This installation was at the Victoria Room in San Francisco, CA. It was part of a group show curated by Anastasia Shartin, entitled To Excess

Pictured in the installation view, from left to right are: Untitled,a 4'x8' sheet of CDX plywood with a functioning Magic Fingers vibrator mounted on the back; Warm Blanket (Folded); wool; 12"x15"x5", a functioning heating pad is inserted between the folds; Untitled (Forest), a group of chairs are pinned to the ceiling, 18' off the ground, with hydraulic jacks and 2" x 4"s; Lovely, a 2"x3" mirror coated with 10 layers of Lady Lee brand Stop 'n Grow nail biting deterrent; Vegetable Car, car alarms, battery, wood box, 15"x20"x10" -- the car alarms are all sounding simultaneously and at a low volume and low frequency.

installation view


 -- detail

Vegetable Car
Warm Blanket (Unfolded)