Newcountry is an abstract meditation on the changing American landscape. It consists of six separate pieces. 

Team Standard, 2004, 28' x 28' x 15', wood, plastic trees, hardware

The trucks are 4/5 scale models of my trusty Toyota pick-up. They are built out of O.S.B. and are modular. The trees are reconstituted and naturalized plastic, X-mas trees.

Lotus Fountain, 1999-2004, 24" x 24" x 36", four automobile wheels, water pump

The water is pumped up through the center of the wheels and runs down through the valleys in each of the manipulated tires.

American Poem (1-360 BPM), 2004, infinite sound recording 

In a sound studio I recited the standard AAA road map of the United States of America. Each place name was made into an individual file. A computer program was written so that the 4000 or so place names are recited back in random order. It was also made for quadraphonic sound. The speakers are positioned to the north, south, east and west. They are triggered at random. The piece will never repeat itself.

Infinite Dolly, 2004, wood, paint, casters

It is a dolly shaped like an infinity sign.

Neuer Brunnen (Prototype), 2004, 8' x 8' x 10', 55 gallon steel drums, water pump, hardware

This is a working fountain.

Rising / Setting, 2004, 3' x 4', P.V.C.

It is a pretty simple piece. It is a piece of black plastic leaning against the wall.


non-random, stereo excerpt from American Poem

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Neuer Brunnen (Prototype)

 55 gallon steel oil drums, water, pump

Infinite Dolly
24" x 48"

 wood, casters, pain

American Poem (1-360 B.P.M.)

infinite sound recording, detail

Lotus Fountain
24" x 36"

altered automobile wheels, water, pump

Team Standard


Team Standard
28' x 28' 15'

wood, plastic

Lotus Fountain, 2004 and Team Standard, 2004

Neuer Brunnen (Prototype) and Rising/Setting
36" x 48"